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Food delivery is a growing market that is soon expected to be worth £10 billion. Founded in 2001 as one of the pioneers of food delivery apps, Just Eat operates a leading global marketplace for online food delivery and is a major player in the world of food delivery.

Keeping up with the high demand for food delivery involves recruiting food delivery drivers who can ensure hot, delicious meals are safely delivered to each customer's door.

As one of the most successful food tech companies in Europe, with hundreds of thousands of restaurant partners and millions of customers to serve, Just Eat would be a smart choice for your next delivery role.

Takeaway drivers often have the opportunity to create their own schedules. Whilst food delivery apps are growing in popularity, drivers can give themselves a better work-life balance by picking up shifts flexibly when it suits them.

To start driving as a Just Eat courier, you need to take out special insurance called food delivery insurance. This type of cover protects you whilst driving as part of your food delivery job.

Just Eat food delivery insurance

When you're driving your car for work purposes, standard car insurance cover isn't enough. For delivering takeaway food, you'll need specialist cover. There are a few common terms to look for:

All of these fall under the hire and reward category, a type of business car insurance that protects you whilst driving your vehicle to deliver a service in exchange for payment, like delivering food.

Finding the right Just Eat insurance policy

Avoid: Class 1 business insurance

Intended only for short business journeys, such as travelling to meet a client in an otherwise office-based setting, class 1 business insurance won't provide sufficient cover for Just Eat deliveries.

Adequate: Class 3 business insurance

Sometimes called commercial car insurance, this will cover you adequately for driving your car to courier food. This type of cover permits you to use your car for work purposes, but you may find insurance that's specific to your line of work could be cheaper.

Appropriate: Courier insurance

A sub-set of business insurance, courier insurance covers you to deliver goods on behalf of your clients (the restaurants) to various drop-off points (the homes of your customers). This will usually also protect the actual goods you’re transporting for theft, damages and loss in transit.

Specialist hot food delivery insurance

One step further than commercial car insurance, courier insurance will cover you whilst you drive your vehicle to various locations to drop off food and also protects the goods you are transporting for theft, damages or loss in transit.

Best option: Specialist hot food delivery insurance

Finding a specific insurance policy that properly reflects your role as a Just Eat deliver driver is likely to be the best option. If the package is well suited to your role, differentiating your work from other couriers or cab drivers, you can be confident that it will cover you sufficiently and often with competitive rates.

There are three types of cover to choose from:

  • Third-party only
  • Third-party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Third-party only cover offers a basic level of protection in line with the legal minimum required. Although thought to be the cheapest option, you may be surprised when you compare insurance policies to find that this level of cover offers poor value for money.

Comprehensive cover offers the most extensive level of protection. Similarly, many expect this to be the most expensive option, but using our online comparison tool you'll see that there are many reasonably priced policies. This type of policy provides the peace of mind that you are fully covered in any sort of road traffic incident.

Reducing the cost of Just Eat delivery insurance

If you're just starting your journey as a Just Eat food delivery driver, you might be surprised at the cost of insurance. It is more expensive to get food courier coverage than personal car insurance because insurers consider you a higher risk. From the perspective of the insurance firm, your delivery work involves:

  • time pressure to deliver food whilst it is still warm,
  • multiple stops in unfamiliar places,
  • possibly working at night and in darkness,
  • spending long periods on the roads.

All of these factors signal to insurers that you are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident and make a claim. Whilst navigating busy roads in all driving conditions does put you at greater risk, there are several ways to show providers that you are a safe and responsible driver who is unlikely to claim on your insurance. This can lower the cost of your insurance premiums, providing you with the cheapest possible Just Eat food delivery insurance deals.

Compare deals

For the best value for money, you should compare quotes for Just Eat insurance using Utility Saving Expert. Using our free online comparison tool, you can search through the cheapest deals instantly, giving you the confidence you can access the most affordable food delivery insurance options at no extra cost to you.

Drive safely

If you have a clean driving history with no points on your licence and no history of making claims on insurance or being involved in traffic incidents, you'll receive far better quotes from insurers. Safe drivers are a lower risk to insurance providers because there is less chance of future claims being made, so insurers offer those drivers cheaper deals.

Take professional training

To show insurance providers that you have the knowledge and skills to drive safely, you can take additional training. If you'll be spending long hours on the roads, it's worth exploring professional driving qualifications to see which would benefit you most. Once you've completed your training, providing evidence of this may lower your insurance quotes.

Add security measures

Taking additional security measures can deter thieves and other criminals, like fitting cameras and alarms. Other gadgets can be used to allow your insurance provider to monitor your driving. For example, installing a tracking device like a black box. There are also simple ways to demonstrate additional security measures like parking in a safe area such as a driveway or garage.

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